Vertigo & Dizziness

Whether you experience them independently or at the same time, dizziness and vertigo both stem from similar issues involving your inner ear and your vision tracking systems. Dizziness stems from a “disconnect” between these systems and your joints and muscles. Vertigo is believed to happen if the tiny crystals that are located in your inner ear become dislodged. This displacement leads to bouts of extreme disorientation when you move your head.

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Where does vertigo and dizziness come from?

The causes of the inner ear disruptions resulting in dizziness or vertigo aren’t always known. Sometimes a head injury, while other times migraines, prolonged periods of lying down or even medication may result in the conditions.

Physical Therapy Treatment

For dizziness and vertigo, physical therapy is designed specifically to inner ear disorders. After a complete evaluation, our highly trained team will evaluate a number of factors, including reflexes, balance, leg strength and overall habits of movement. This allows us to put together an individualized treatment plan for you.

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