Back and Sciatica Pain

Has Your Back Pain Become Chronic?

All of us have pulled a back muscle at some point, needing to spend a day or two with an ice pack. When back and lower body pain, as well as stiffness or numbness problems, make it hard to function, you may well have a chronic condition such as sciatica.


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Back & Sciatica Pain

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is when nerves become pinched or compressed in your lower back. Symptoms of Sciatica include pain, tingling and numbness in your back, buttocks, groin and legs. Typically the pain is felt on one side only.

There are many causes that can result in nerve compression in your lower back. Typically, a herniated or bulging disc pressing into the nerve, or even a bone spur can be the cause. Other causes of Sciatica can be a tumor growth in the area, or when there’s spinal degeneration and narrowing, this can happen with age.

How Physical Therapists treats Back Pain and Sciatica?

Strength, flexibility and circulation are all crucial to treating Sciatic Back and lower body pain. The most common types of treatments for Sciatica in Physical Therapy are:

  • Low-Impact Aerobics, for circulation of nutrients and body fluids to the areas that need it most. Most aerobic activity can be done outside of your physical therapy session, including walking or swimming, but your Physical Therapist can show you techniques to work around your Sciatic stiffness and Back Pain as well.
  • Stretching Exercises, to increase flexibility. Sciatica can causes spasms, tightness and limited range of motion in your back and legs. Various stretches, such as hamstring stretches and lower-back stretches, will loosen muscles and assist mobility.
  • Strength Building Exercises, to help tone the areas needed to support your spine. Strength building exercises will result in a stronger core that resists lower back pain and sciatica.

Ready to get rid of the pain?

Our highly trained physical therapists will also give you a full evaluation, simple tests to evaluate muscle strength in the areas that support your back and lower body, and range-of-motion evaluations.

To get started on your Back Pain and Sciatica relief treatment plan, contact today at our Magna, Utah location.

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